Ruffled Feathers + Gnashing Teeth

Off the Kerb / October 2016


Ruffled Feathers & Gnashing Teeth explores the nostalgia and sense of longing we have for simpler times. Times when colours seemed brighter, things looked bigger and an ice cream on a hot summer’s day was magical. 

Works layered together using acrylic washes, aerosol and pencil will transport the viewer back in time, connecting them with long-lost emotional moments and memories that have been consumed by time and the shift into adulthood.

"...Cain exhibited a series of beautifully delicious pastel paintings and illustrations and a sculptural work. Merging wild animals and confectionary, Cain’s works were almost edible - flourishes of graff colour and spray combined fluidly with forms of wolves, eagles and birds. Too delicious." – Melbourne Art Review.

Ruffled Feathers + Gnashing Teeth:
October 20 to November 4 2016
Off the Kerb Gallery
66B Johnston Street, Collingwood

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